Mandarin course of Early Learners (3-6 years old)


With strong foundation one can build listening, word recognition, reading & comprehension skills better. Specially designed first step program for aged 3 – 6 years old to develop their Mandarin language skills since their early age. Children will learn through Mandarin songs, interactive class activities, and games that integrated in a well prepared, step-by-step lessons plan to stimulate the interest in learning Mandarin.

This program offer a variety of interesting topics through games and interactive play, that makes learning Chinese effective and fun. Children will learn in a systematic method to build strong foundation in four aspects: listening, speaking, reading and basic writing strokes of Chinese characters.

It is designed to be fun, using our “play-based” approach. Creative teaching aids are used to help children recall and retain what they have learnt.

Early Learners Learning Points

Category Class Induction (2 terms) Foundation (6 terms) Pre Primary (4 terms)
Learning Objectives Passive knowledge Active listening Active production and listening comprehension Pin Yin (Chinese Phonics)
Listening Able to understand simple commands, Able to respond to simple requests Understand: Chinese songs, Stories with audio-visual aids, Vocabulary, Simple sentences Daily conversation, Understand stories without audio-visual aids
Speaking Able to respond to simple instructions, Able to answer simple questions, Sing Chinese children songs Sing Chinese children songs, Pronounce Vocabulary, Speak in simple sentences Daily conversation, Make simple sentences, Able to tell stories
Reading Recognize Read: Vocabulary, Simple sentences Comprehend: Vocabulary, Sentences, Stories
Writing Tracing words Single words, Write vocabulary Write vocabulary, Write full sentences, Quiz

Our programme give children an early strong foundation and get children interested in the Chinese language in creative – active – interactive way

Mandarin course of Early Learners



Interactive Activities

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