Mandarin course of Conversation

Practical communication skills based and applicable for everyday life.

Conversation classes are offered for teenagers aged 12 – 15 years and up to enhance their Chinese listening and speaking skills. Lessons plan is developed accordingly to the level of competency. We offer variety of interesting topics being introduced based on daily conversation, the interests and the age of the students.

We teach practical daily conversation with classmate and teachers, thru games and interactive play while discussing deeper educational topics

Conversation Learning Points

Conversation (Basic) Conversation (Intermediate)
Vocabulary building, word recognition and sentence construction. Stimulate oral speaking and listening comprehension by performing and practicing conversation of common themes such as hobby, family, school, food, travel,etc
Learn to express thought verbally in mandarin with introduction & application of day-to-day vocabulary Chit chat trending topics from worldwide news or literary works so they will naturally pick up the grammar patterns in the dialogues
Learn how to perform conversation and listening comprehension through guidance lessons
Develop their capability for bilingual communication

Our approach that they will naturally develop their capability for bilingual communication and pick up the grammar patterns in the dialogues.

Mandarin course of Conversation

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