Don’t Think Chinese is as Difficult as You Imagine!
Since the ’80s of the last century, the number of foreigners learning Chinese has been increasingly rapidly with the development of communication and cooperation between China and other countries the world over. At present, there are more than 300 universities and colleges admitting foreign learners of […]

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Myth – Kue Bulan

Inilah awal masyarakat kuno China mulai memberikan persembahan kepada dewi bulan, persembahan berupa kue bulan, anggur dan buah semangka.
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Wisdow Word

Yí gè huáibào xīwàng de qióngrén, bǐ méiyǒu xīwàng de fù rén shēnghuó de hǎo.
Seorang miskin yang hidup dengan penuh harapan lebih baik daripada orang kaya yang hidup tanpa harapan.
Liángyào kǔ kǒu lì yú bìng; zhōngyán nì ěr lì yú xíng.
Obat yang baik mungkin pahit di mulut tapi sangat bermanfaat […]

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“…But I think what’s going to surprise everyone in this next survey we do is how close Mandarin is going to come to Latin and German,”
“Chinese isn’t the new French — it’s the new English..”
-Robert Davis, director of the Chinese-language program in Chicago’s public school system-
The Chinese language, spurred by the rapid development of […]

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